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Best Ways to Use Cakesicles Mold to Make Desserts

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Enjoy eating cake is the love of all and for years this tradition has been carried along. To make other than cakes, deserts are in latest trend. But did you know you can use cakesicles mold to prepare the best desserts for your guests? Read on to learn different ways to make different desserts.

  1. Cake with a stick – This is just like a cake pop, inside it is a cake mix and the outer side is covered with a layer of chocolate. But this is slightly different, in this instead of dipping in chocolate you need to paint layered chocolate in the moldand let it sit for 5 minutes in the fridge or till it gets hardenedThen fill with cake pop mixture – choose the flavor your love (buttercream, vanilla, or strawberry).
  2. Cake Pop in Unique Shape – Cakesicles got this label because they are cakes that look like popsicles. But if you choose not to use the sticks when using cakesicles mold then you can give them a unique or large shape. The outer layer will be chocolate or strawberry but then the filling will change below are some filling ideas: 
  • Frosting mixture
  • Buttercream mixture
  • Crushed Oreos
  • Crumbled donuts, brownies, or cookies 

Popsicles or Ice Cream Bars: Molds can be used to make ice cream bars and popsicles at home. If you making popsicles sure to use clear sticks to avoid leaking out from the mold. While inserting the sticks make sure you insert only at the lower in the mold. If you are making ice cream bars then use disposable wooden sticks as ice creams are thick so you don’t have to worry about leaking from the mold.

Know everything about cakesicles

Cake pops are loved by all and cakesicles are just the same. But they are smooth bigger and shaped like popsicles. That’s how the ‘Cake-sicles’ name was born, They are in the traditional concept of cake pops with a fun twist. Popsicle molds and cakesicles are designed in an easy-to-make edition with chocolate covering encircled by a combination of cake and frosting.

This is exclusive equipment that you will need to make the cakesicles. But don’t worry! As these are very easily available on online markets. At cakesprinkles, you can buy online cakesicles mold or moulds/cutters and disposable sticks if you have a thought to give other ways to your preparations. The price range, however, differs from brand to brand. There are, in fact, many brands that are reasonably priced and available. 

Doesn’t it sound interesting? Several of us think about the formation of this delicious invention. So, let’s go through it.

  • Choose the right quality chocolate
  • Choose the right tools and equipment for decorating 
  • Give time to settle the chocolate
  • Careful while melting the chocolate and demoulding

If you liked the idea of making desserts from cakesicles/popsicles sticks keep connected to our website for more blogs that will make your love for baking easier.

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