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How Cake Board Design Gives More Professional Look?

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Cake board design add a new dimension to your hand-made cake or made by a professional. To give a spectacular look you may let the flow across if you have a cascade of flowers. If the cake is in a color you may take the same color cake boards or a design that matches the cake. As sometimes there aren’t enough words needed on a cake, if then try to put them on board.

Tips for Hand Made Cakes to Present in Professional Method- Let’s know

What is a cake board?

A cake board makes the cake decorating process easier, mainly if the cake has to be transported. To serve it on, you can decorate it on the stand but then if you need to move a bit also, then a cake board is a must for perfect management.

A cake board should be two inches bigger for decorating and moving the cake around without spreading any mess. Cakessprinkles has the best collection of cake board designs and the required size of boards for impeccable presentation.

Best Cake Decorating Ideas

Decorating a cake presents a remarkable great impression on the guests. Here are some top cake decorating ideas below:

  • Accurately toss some sprinkles on the top and sides. As this should be done right after icing the cake
  • Acquire cake topper
  • The bottom parts and sides should boarded with candy, nuts, and more
  • Fresh flowers to top the cake
  • If chocolate and caramel cake, then sprinkle with fancy salt
  • For a fun pattern top the cake with cookies or smiles

Best Way to Cover Board

There are a lot of ways to cover the cake board. Here is one method that fits all sizes, as you can use it for both cake and board.

  • Clean board with alcohol or vodka using tissue to get rid of germs. As you don’t know where it has been stored before you bought it for use.
  • Fondants on the board are not liked by most of the people but then don’t rely on that, as still few people love to pick every bite. So make sure you have cleaned the board.
  • To stick the fondant use either vodka or cooled boiled water on the board (use a kitchen towel to put a fine layer on the board)
  • To cut away the excess fondant use a sharp knife
  • Cut the top, where the cake will sit. There are 2 reasons behind this first is waste of fondant and second, this lets to stick the cake on the board
  • Complete it with color-coordinated ribbons fixed at the edge with a glue stick

As per the professional covering means, putting the cake on a cake drum and this has to be always bigger than the cake. As this makes picking up and moving the cake without the fear of damaging the cake presentation.

Once you start including these tips in cake presentation there will be no stopping you. Whether you use a cake board with design or just of your favorite color as blue, light green, baby blue cake drum, rose gold masonite cake board, etc. To make your presentation easier buy online the square cake drum, round cake drums, and more from our website.

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