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What are the Best 5 Ways to use Cake Moulds

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Nowadays baking cake or preparing a dessert is everything from baby bibs to wedding rings for all who love to bake a cake for their loved one and for a professional too. But then you require a mould that makes your baking easy and quick. If you are in thought of where to buy from,  Cakes sprinkles has a wide range of collections of different shapes, styles, and sizes of silicone moulds.

If you are an owner of a bakery shop or home baker then you must be aware of how important is quality mould. The best mould only can give you success in baking the treat.  There are many other ways to use them, here in this blog we will know 5 ways to use cake moulds other than baking cakes:

What is the Right Temperature to use Moulds?

In the oven the highest temperature you can put up to 200°C without damaging silicon molds, they can stand more than but then they will start breaking down if higher than 250°C. These moulds can handle -60°C lower temperature without breaking. The best way to use any mould silicone or any other, check the exact temperature package before using it.

Best Advantage of using Silicon Bakeware – It is oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe too.

What is the Best Way to Clean Silicone mould?

Just use water to clean or if washing in dishwasher place on the top rack. To clean do not soak for a long period (remember never use rough cleaners to clean)

How to check if the Silicone is pure and good?

To check the silicone, perform a pinch test – Pinch the silicone and look where it stretches and if it changes color to white then it’s not pure as a pure one will be homogeneous color. Though stretched or bent.

  • What Desserts can be able with Cake mould?
  • Taarts
  • Tempered Cholocate
  • Mini Pies
  • Mini Cheesecake
  • Caramels
  • Hot chocolate bomb
  • Mini cake
  • Peanut butter cups

How leftover Ingredients can be used a few weeks later?

Usually, we buy ingredients to use in a recipe but only a few parts of them are used and the remaining are thrown or forgotten about. In its place put the unused ingredients in a silicone mould and freeze it, as this is safe and lasts longer to use them up when you require it again.

More benefits to use are:

  • These molds are eco-friendly
  • These are wonderful for salty and sweet items
  • These are available in smaller sizes also with unique designs
  • These are easy to clean
  • These are multipurpose and reasonable in price
  • These save space and also help drop your kitchen collection.
  • These are preferred by big confections and home bakers

Keep the tricks in mind to better the use of mould other than making cakes and muffins. Make a fair collection to bake goods and become a perfect host. If interested to buy shop online from our website for safe and trustworthy products.

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