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What are the Different Ways to Apply a Paint Brush to Cakes?

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People love to eat cakes and cannot refrain from enjoying colorful cakes. So here it is, the simple tools and different techniques to use the paintbrush on cakes. It is thought that painting cakes are a bit difficult and irksome preferably it is not so. We need the ingredients like a sponge, gel colors, cream, knife, added flavors, and also a brush to paint.

Apply Buttercream to the cake:

To apply buttercream to the cake begin by tinting the colors. For this, you don’t need a lot for painting. You will only be painting a thin layer, so a spoonful of buttercream is probably enough. Care to be taken that the consistency shouldn’t be stiff. The buttercream needs to be bubble-free and easily stirred, leaving soft peaks behind your spatula.

There are four specific ways to apply paint on cakes.

Painting with a sponge and buttercream:

Before you do this, frosting on the cake is required by you. So first, put the cake in the fridge for an hour to harden it. Next, stroke the sponge onto the cake to paint it. To make the design or texture create it by the way you hold the sponge. The design may vary according to the pattern one wants to create.

Painting with a paint brush and buttercream:

You can paint it on the cake. No doubt it is easy. A small brush makes it easier to paint the cake and outline it. If you want to draw an animal or a figure or any other shape, begin with outlining your design on a cake using a toothpick. Prepare a range of colors by putting a small drop of colored buttercream on a plate. Start painting your cake with the required design.

Painting with gel colors on cakes:

Painting the cake is easier with gel colors than the buttercream. Take all the gel colors and mix them. Add clear alcohols like champagne or vodka or you may add clear vanilla to make the gel color thin. Apart from this, a pre-hand image is a must so that you can easily figure it out on the cake. Use a toothpick and outline the shape in the frosting on the cake. By painting one layer at a time, you can create an entire scene with just a few drops of gel colors and a paint brush, turning a photo into a cake design!

Painting with a paintbrush and a flick knife:

A flick -knife can be used to get the effect of oil paints. Like other processes, a spoonful of buttercream is needed for this. Spread the buttercream onto the cake to design the required texture or shapes you need. If the buttercream doesn’t spread easily, you can add some milk to make the cream thinner. To make it more attractive you can even layer colors to add more texture.  Above are just a few tips that will help you to decorate your cake. But for more guidelines to know baking, decorating and also buying best tools and equipment to make the cake. Visit cakessprinkles website.

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