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In what way Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste is used for Cakes?

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While decorating a cake you may be confused about what product to use for the best presentation when you are making different baking decorations. At the market, there are various pastes available as modelling paste, flower paste, Mexican paste, and more. Here in this blog, I will let you know the difference between the two mainly used products to decorate a cake.

How Modelling Paste and Flower Paste right for decorating cakes?

Distinguishing between Modelling Paste and Flower can give the impression a bit uncertain at first. So, we sense a while for a cool to understand description is in order, to avoid any foiling and possible kitchen failures. After all, cake decoration is for fun when you are decorating your handmade cake at home.

Why there is a difference between modelling and Flower? 

Modelling Paste

Making a perfect model with modelling paste is perfect as this has a smooth soft texture that is easy to handle. The best about it is this holds its shape well and is still soft enough to eat. It has good firmness and pins out finely, you could use this for fine specifying, models, and is great when using moulds ! Allow your model to set for 24 hours as this make it perfect for presentation.

Decorating a cake needs modelling paste, as this paste is best to create frills, swags, ruffles, and bows. This paste works well in mould and it is a strengthened sugar paste which readily made or can be prepared on its own with a mixture of sugar paste and strong icing. 

The best point about this holds shape, is soft enough to eat, and smells like cocoa as it is made with cocoa butter, perfect for models, facts, and moulds. Another thing you can do is to cut off the required amount and press until plastic, to prevent it from sticking to the work surface a little icing sugar or cornflour dusting is required. Remember always store an airtight container in its original packaging and keep it as fresh as humanly thinkable. All products mentioned have an initial 12-month shelf life.

Flower Paste

This paste is used to make flowers as this can be finely rolled and it holds the shape you desire to give when dry. With this, you can make butterflies, flowers, leaves, and so on. This is well known as petal and gum paste. 

Flower paste at first look appears like sugar paste. This dries hard so you should leave ideally any flower decoration for at least 48 hours or they may drop at the crucial moment. Generally, flower paste is used for slight decorations that are not to be eaten. Though the paste is eatable, it’s hard to touch and hard when it dries.

Five Things that are common between the above two pastes are that – Hold their shape and dry quickly, colors and airbrushes well, are available in a different range of colors, and are great for flowers and models. The products are vegetarian-friendly, and vegan-friendly (without chocolate-flavored products), if you need any more info about any of our products, visit our product pages. 

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