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What are the Easy ways for Beginners to Use Dark Chocolate Compound

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Planning to bake something using chocolate, but yet unsure where to buy from the best quality dark chocolate compound and choose what to make it delicious and present with an exclusive look. At Cakesprinkles, for chocolate, we have a great range of products in various forms, such as drips, isomalt, chips, blocks, sticks, syrups many more to make your cake delicious and present ever-memorable way.

But before you choose the best for baking we are going to let you know to understand that there are two types of chocolates: 1) Couverture and 2) Compound

What is Couverture Chocolate?

Couverture chocolates mainly consist of two things cocoa butter and chocolate liquor. This cocoa butter is an expensive ingredient and this makes it more expensive than verities in compound chocolate. In this couverture chocolates, you can find various types from milk chocolate couverture, white chocolate couverture, to dark chocolate couverture. But then this needs a soothing process in order to make it shiny and give it that quick specific when you bite or break the couverture chocolate bar.

What is Compound Chocolate?

Compound Chocolate alternates the two main ingredients, this replaces chocolate liquor with cocoa powder and cocoa butter with vegetable oil. The best thing about this is it doesn’t require any tempering process, easy to work with, easy to use, and also this is more affordable. Just simply melt and use with your baked or mix with any other ingredients. This is the best choice for beginners who are unknown of the tempering process.

Questions to Bake with Dark Compound Chocolate

As dark compound chocolate doesn’t require a tempering process this makes your baking easier, but the question stands how you will use its baking process. Below are the questions that will make you think once:

  • Will it is used to covering cake or pastry?

Use it to cover the cake completely with a chocolate drip or dip part of readymade pastry or croissant into melted chocolate as you dip, it hardens within minutes if you refrigerate.  

  • Will it is used for topping or decoration?

To give a chocolate presentation shear the chocolate blocks on the top of a cake or pastry. One more way is to pour the melted chocolate into molds available in different shapes on our website then solidify refrigerate it and then top it on the cake or any other baked good. Decorate it with unique and beautiful chocolate using an impression mat, paintbrush, isomalt, and more.

  • Will it is used as a filling in baked goods?

Planning to fill your baked goods with chocolate then you require a chocolate block, to fill you need to chop it into small pieces and then melt them. Once melted fill the liquid chocolate in a piping bag and then pipe it into cake or pastry products. One best way to use dark chocolate for filling is to use ganache. This is available in any baker’s kitchen and, can be used for filling, topping, dip, and more in a cake.

As the above list shows, there are variant products used for baking cakes, cookies, and recipes you prepare for your loved one or on a special occasion. Buy online all you require to bake or decorate and make yourself stand away from others for a unique presentation.

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