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How to use Impression Mat on Buttercream Cakes?

admin May 24, 2022 0 comments

While decorating a cake, a great way to complete your task is an impression mat. Whether you need a small part or texture on the complete cake mats are the best. As you can easily achieve the look with these mats and these are available in a variety of patterns, on various platforms online as well as offline.

One online platform I know is Cakessprinkles, where you can buy the impression mat at the best price and you gain the mat texture you may be looking for in your cake. These mats can be used to texture not only the cakes but also cookies, fondant ice cookies, chocolate wrapped cakes, gingerbread dough, buttercream, dipped treats, and more.

What is the Right Way to Use an Impression Mat?

There is a range of sizes in mats that we can use for our different projects. If it’s a large mat then you can cut it into a smaller size. Max of the mats are made of lightweight plastic and are flexible so they can be curved to fit on your cake easily. Some mats can be used on either side of the mat, to get 2 different looks from the same mat. After using the mat wash it with warm soapy water and store flat. But if then you are using a mat with fondant just lightly spray with cooking spray and clean the left-over so that the fondant doesn’t stick.    

 Know how to use Impression Mat on Buttercream

Do you know like fondant you can also texture buttercream with the mat? Well, you can easily make a pretty cake along with fondant, wafer paper, and some other edible mediums. Mats are often of plastic or silicone and have high or low patterns on them. To get the desired pattern to apply the below tips on fondant or buttercream

The best way to always use a mat is to chill the cake before you impress on it. This is not just to make the outward stronger and better but while you take the impression on the cake the force won’t push the cake out of whack. If you are successful in pressing gently without bringing any icing with you.

Note: You need to keep your in and out of the fridge your cake a few times to complete the texture on the cake. To stop the icing from coming away from the cake I recommend spraying your mat very lightly with non-stick spray and also recommend brushing to fill the gaps of the impression. There are several methods and mediums obtainable for cake artists today, and more and more are being led the way all the time. Buttercream is now and will always be highly useful, delicious, and beautiful. Go try these methods for yourself, and maybe even come up with some new ones. For more baking tips or to buy any baking tools and equipment online or to make your celebration ever-memorable visit our website.

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